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Historic Haut-Nkam Association of New York

The Association Haut-Nkam of New York was created in 2000. The purpose of this organization shall be:

To develop and implement programs designed to create and maintain a sense of cultural pride among its members as well as various communities in Cameroon. The primary platform to be served by the organization includes children and other underprivileged residents who reside or have direct or indirect affinity with the region of Haut-Nkam, country of Cameroon in Central Africa.

To create a supportive and safe forum that provides assistance to members in their effort to integrate socially, culturally, economically, academically and professionally.

To initiate or support medical and educational projects in the underserved haut-Nkam region of Cameroon

To encourage unity among members and provide a forum where members can assist and support each other.

To encourage interaction with other national and international communities / organizations, and to form a large support network

To provide opportunities for children to experience, appreciate and promote their parent’s cultural heritage

To contribute to the effort of all Cameroonians and international organization to fight against poverty and promote human right in Cameroon.

During the course of his existence, the Association Haut –Nkam of New York has always held an annual summer activities for kids and support various social projects in accordance to his by-laws.

On his 10th anniversary, the members felt a need to initiate a major project in the Haut-Nkam region of Cameroon. Amount various needed projects; the creation of a dialysis unit was a first priority at this time due to the fact there was no dialysis center in the entire region.

The current president Josue Fassu is the  third president since creation. He succeeded to Gervais Tougoue Djomadji.  The first president Lazare Toumaha Pouani (Nza’a Pouani) was in office for 10 years.



  • Haut Nkam New York is a motivated organisation with the aims to develop Africa in general and Cameroon in particular....

  • As a member of the Haut-Nkam community in the DC area for the past 13 years I could not be prouder of the bold vision and leadership of president Josue Fassu and the entire Haut-Nkam community in NY. Setting a dialysis center in our hometown of Bafang will go a long way to increase access to desperately needed medical care in our region and also create a positive attraction into our city from the other parts of Cameroon.



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Association Haut Nkam,NY
528 Timpson place. Bronx, New York, 10455, USA
Phone: (347) 866-9161
(646) 701-4574


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