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Josue Fassu

Josue Fassu 
President of the Haut-Nkam Association of New York

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Silas Monthe

Deputy Book Keeper.

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Kamale Fam Angeline

Mme Angeline Kamale Fam is the doughter of Babouchey Ngaleu Bafang.

Vice President of Haut Nkam New York. 

She is married to Biyi Ebah d'Ambam.

She believes in solidarity,...

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Djiadeu Faustin
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Kwele Faustine
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Pouani Chantal
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Djiadeu Hermine
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Lazare Pouani

Lazare Toumaha Pouani also known as Nza'a Pouani is the first president of the Haut-Nkam Association of New York.  He is by far the longest serving president, was in office for 10 years (5...


  • Haut Nkam New York is a motivated organisation with the aims to develop Africa in general and Cameroon in particular....

  • As a member of the Haut-Nkam community in the DC area for the past 13 years I could not be prouder of the bold vision and leadership of president Josue Fassu and the entire Haut-Nkam community in NY. Setting a dialysis center in our hometown of Bafang will go a long way to increase access to desperately needed medical care in our region and also create a positive attraction into our city from the other parts of Cameroon.



Fell free to contact us.

Association Haut Nkam,NY
528 Timpson place. Bronx, New York, 10455, USA
Phone: (347) 866-9161
(646) 701-4574


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